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Cooking Made Easy for Men

1:35pm, Tue 13th June, '17 via



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Joined: Tue 13th June, '17

You don’t have to be a genius to know how to cook, just a few things you need to put in order and you can dazzle your friends and partner. The most important part is getting the right cooking utensils such as pots, measuring cups, knife, and foodstuffs. Be sure all this are available, then you can follow this process;

1. Get a recipe coach

A recipe coach is someone who guides you through the all process of cooking a meal and it doesn’t have to be a physical person, an online recipe guide can also teach you.

2. Start with breakfast

Personally, I think breakfast meals is the easiest to prepare, we have semi solid foods like pap, custard, quaker oat, corn flakes and golden morn which is basically boiling hot water and putting the raw content of the food , then move to making a bacon and egg grilled cheese sandwich. Check Supermartng/recipes for tips.

3. Share your newly improved skill

This is your time to brag and treat those that have belittled the chef in you, by inviting them over for dinner and giving them the treat of their life. Be rest assured after the meal they will definitely plan the next
more at

Re: Cooking Made Easy for Men

10:39am, Mon 3rd July, '17 via



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Wed 9th March, '16

Nice article

Re: Cooking Made Easy for Men

5:53am, Tue 14th November, '17 via



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Tue 14th November, '17


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