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6 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Hotel Room

A lot of us spend a fortune on making hotel reservations or booking hotel rooms. Most of the time we go to the hotel with so much excitement expecting to have a great time. Only to be awashed in a sea of disappointment upon arrival because the hotel and hotel room do not have all the amenities we need to have an enjoyable stay. Thus, we end up getting less value for the money paid. All disappointment as well as service gaps can be reduced if customers take out time to ask some pertinent questions.

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If you want to always get value for money when making a hotel reservation, be it offline or online, ensure you ask these questions:

1. Is there unlimited WiFi Access?

While many hotels offer free unlimited wi-fi access, there are some hotels that do not. And if you are traveling for business purpose, this will be an important criteria to decide which hotel to lodge. Majority of the hotels in Lekki, if not all, offer round the clock connection to the internet to customers through their unlimited wi-fi. Before you book your hotel room, make sure you know whether wi-fi comes with your room. Also find out if the wi-fi is free or not, because while some hotels in Lekki offer free wi-fi to customers, others do it at an additional cost exclusive of the hotel bill.

2. Free Breakfast?

This is another important question everyone should ask before booking a hotel room. Breakfast has recently become a common amenity in many hotels. Not having to bother your head about where to get breakfast is a great relief to many guests especially if they have to set out early in the morning. As such, make sure you check that a hotel serves free breakfast to their guests everyday before going ahead to book it. And if they do, make sure to check what it entails; it could be a grand banquet-worthy feast, or a piece of toast.

3. Can I Cook My Own Meals?

Some hotel accommodations are built in the form of apartments with kitchens where guests can cook their own meals. Most guests on a special form of diet usually prefer to cook their own meals, and an unrestricted access to a cooking facility is one of the major things they consider before booking a hotel room. More so, cooking instead of eating out is a great way to cut down on spendings. So guests traveling on a budget are usually glad when they find a hotel that helps them save more.

4. Does the Room have a Refrigerator?

You will be surprised to find out that some hotel rooms do not have refrigerators. Many guests who cook their own meals usually like to have a refrigerator in their rooms. A guest will count it as poor customer service if his food, drinks or beverage go bad because he couldn't find where to preserve them. In order to avoid this, make sure you find out if the hotel provides a refrigerator in every room before you make your reservation.

5. Is there a pool at the hotel?

Many guests with kids like to book hotels that have pools. This is because a pool is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to entertain kids when traveling. More so, after a long day of work or going on different tours, some guests like to come to the hotel, throw on a swimming suit and dive into the pool. However, not every hotel has a pool. As such, it is very important you find out about this before booking a hotel room.

6. Is the hotel near an Airport?

The nearness of a hotel to an airport is one of the major criteria business travelers use in booking a hotel accommodation. This is because after a long trip, many business travelers do not want to wander about in an unfamiliar terrain before checking into a hotel. As such, the shorter distance they travel before getting to a hotel, all things being equal, the more likely it is that they are going to make a reservation. So ensuring that the hotel is near an airport is important before making a reservation.

Guest post written by Sandra Enaholo Dare | Jumia Travel

Posted 2:12pm, Thu 15th June, 2017 by Hexgear


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